NAD+ Addiction And Detox Scholarship program.



Thank you for your interest in the DRIPHAWAII NAD+ Scholarship program. My partner and I, Dr.Jeffrey Hirscberg have created this program to extend our pillar community and give back where and how we can.

NAD+ therapy is a new IV treatment for detoxification, that harnesses the power of coenzyme nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD).

The DRIP HAWAII NAD+ scholarship offers hope to those struggling with alcohol and drug addiction. We understand how addiction and the financial strain can have an effect not only on the individual but also on family and friends around the individual.

NAD+ for addiction program involves offering individuals NAD+ treatments at cost. With donated time from our amazing team.

We understand that overcoming addiction can be difficult, NAD+ therapy can help individuals through painful withdrawal symptoms. Addiction to alcohol or drugs changes the way your brain works. If you or a loved one is struggling with substance abuse, you know that the desire to quit isn’t always enough.

Overcoming addiction is possible, but success takes commitment and expert support. If you are working with a Therapist or Doctor for your addiction and are interested in learning more about our scholarship program, please fill out the requested information on how NAD+ detox therapy may restore balance within your mind to set you up for success.
Together we may be able to assist you in your recovery as well as help you begin your overall wellness journey to health and happiness!
With much Aloha,

Founder & Wellness/Lifestyle Consultant,
Tamara Shaffer

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